Phonegap Build Beginner Course

In this course I will take you through the Phonegap build service. We will learn what is Phonegap and the difference between Phonegap build vs Phonegap CLI vs Cordova. We will also learn how to add icons and splash-screen to you app. Then we will  learn how to build and app and make it ready for publishing.

The course will focus on how to build apps using the Phonegap build service, what I mean by that is rather than teaching you how to code the app the focus will be on build process for the app. I do have other tutorials on this site that teach you how to code apps.


Tutorial – 1 Introduction


Tutorial – 2 What is Phonegap 


Tutorial 3 – Phonegap Pros and Cons


Tutorial 4 – Phonegap vs Cordova


Tutorial 5 – Phonegap CLI Vs Phonegap Build


Tutorial 6 – Phonegap Build Taking A Tour


Tutorial 7 – Sample App Intro


Tutorial 8 – Create a Config.xml file for phonegap build apps


Tutorial 9 – Adding plugins to phonegap build apps


Tutorial 10 – Adding Preferences to Phonegap build app


Tutorial 11 – Phonegap Build Apps For Specific Version and Specific Platform


Tutorial 12 – Whitelisting Phonegap Build Apps And Connecting To Internet


Tutorial 13 – Add Splash Screen To PhoneGap Apps With PhoneGap Build


Tutorial 14 – Add App Icon To Phonegap Build Apps


Tutorial 15 – How To Debug Phonegap Build Apps


Tutorial 16 – How To Sign PhoneGap Build Apps


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