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Hey there,

Prantik Vaghela here. I have been working with PhoneGap build / Cordova and Ionic for some time now. If you have been following my tutorial here as well as the complimentary video tutorials on YouTube, you are probably familiar with the work that I have done. If not, please do take a look and leave me feedback. I have a few courses on Udemy as well. I plan to actively post new content on this site, YouTube, and on Udemy as well, this is something that I enjoy doing. Currently, I am dedicating my full time to creating such content as well as maintaining some of the apps that I have.

I am available to provide consulting services via Email only. As the nature of the web is worldwide there are usually time-zone issues to schedule Skype calls and other Instant messages hence, I wish to offer services via Email only.

Process Of Getting Service

Before buying any package, drop me an email by filling the form below regarding the nature of the consulting work along with details of the work, to which I will reply. After that, go ahead and buy the package of your choice. I will usually reply within 24 hours. Alternatively, for small chats, I am available on twitter @uncutAcademy

If you have any queries about a blog post please reply in the comment section of the post to get the reply.

Offered Services

Currently, I am focused on offering services for the following

  • Cordova for Android Only
  • PhoneGap Build Cloud Service Building for Android
  • Ionic 2 for Android Only


There are a few packages that you can choose from to get the service you want, they are listed below.

Small Package (1 Hour) $40

In this package, I will provide Email support to your queries. This package is best if you are stuck with some issue or just need some guidance.



Medium Package (3 Hour) $100

In this package, just like the previous one, I will provide Email support but I will have more room to provide in-depth solutions and even code up some sample solutions.


I am pretty fair when it comes to calculating the time I spent working on your queries, meaning I will not cut you off as soon as the quota is complete. But If it will take significantly more time than the quota then you will have to buy again. Also, note that I will start working on your project after receiving the package fees.

What Consulting is not

I wish to provide a service where I can guide you to solve an issue and provide solutions with code samples. But please do not expect me to code an entire app or an entire module of an app for you as that is not what consulting is.



Please, note that unused hours are not refundable, i.e, if you want to use 2 hours of 3 then you cannot receive a refund the remaining 1 hour. The package is non-refundable once I have started work on your service. However, if you request a refund before the work has commenced I will be happy to give a full refund.


Note: I usually reply in 1-2 business days. If it takes longer than that, then directly send me an email at

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Getting your feedback inspires me the most so hit me up in the comments here or on the comments section on my YouTube Channel or on twitter @uncutAcademy