ES6 For Beginners : Using const keyword Declaration

The const keyword as the name suggests is a great way to create constants in JavaScript with ES6. As we will see in the code snippets below the const keyword will give developers another tool to write more meaningful code easily.

Let’s dive right into the code, I will use more or less the same code that I used in the post about the let keyword.

Here we are declaring the variable pi as a constant with the const keyword, inside the if condition we are changing the value of the constant pi this will give us the following error.

ES6 const keyword error


This illustrates that we cannot change the value of any variable the is declared using the const keyword.


Protecting Objects with const

Const can also be use with object, let’s see how,

This will give us the same “invalid assignment” error as the const declaration will protect the object.


A thing to Note here is that the values inside the myObj object are not protected. Let’s see an example

As shown using the dot notation myObj.key1 we can change the values of the keys of the object.


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