What Is An App Id For Android Apps (Android Package Name)?

In this post, we will discuss what is an App id, what is its importance and how you should go about choosing one.

We will be talking about the Google Play Store. But the concept is similar for other app stores as well.

The main purpose of an App id is to uniquely identify your app on Play Store. A thing to note is that App id only comes into play when you try to publish your app. Locally you can have as many apps as you want with the same app id. But you must have unique App id when you upload your app to Play Store.

App id is a string with reverse domain notation. Typically we have seen domains such as google.com. You can have sub domain to it for example keep.google.com. This is your typical domain notation. A reverse domain notation is the inverse of that so a reverse domain for the above example will be com.google.keep. You can also use a sub-sub domain as well, so you can have com.google.android.keep

An app id can be in one of the following formats:

  • com.appname
  • com.myname.appname
  • com.myname.another.appname

While creating an app with Ionic / Cordova we typically mention the app id in the config.xml file as follows

Note here that the id created is a default id that ionic creates. Cordova will create a similar id if there is none provided when you create the project using the CLI. You can easily change this to whatever you want.

But before you do that let’s talk about what are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing your App id.

1) Make it unique

As it is the main purpose of having an App id, it’s quite obvious. But, a thing to keep in mind is that you not only need to have a unique App id among your apps but you should have a unique App id in the entire app store.

2) Do I need to create a web page or domain for it?

No. There is no need to create a web page or purchase the same domain as the reverse domain that you wish to use for your app.

3) Should I use my name or company name?

It does not matter. The just make sure that the name that you use is not taken.

4) What if my name is already taken?

So you want to have an App id like com.cooldomain.mynewapp but it is taken by another app. No worries then come up with some another name. It’s the same as a website domain that you wanted is taken, you come up with another name.

5) What about ASO (App Store Optimization)?

Google does not give any significant importance domain names when it comes to SEO for websites.  The same is true for Apps. Whether your app will show up in the search results will depend on the app name itself, app description and app rating.

5) App id different from App name.

If the App id that you wanted is taken. So now you cannot have the name of your app in your app id. No worries, you can change your App id to whatever you want. An example of this is Facebook Messenger, it’s app id is com.facebook.orca.

How to check app id of an App on the Play Store?

You can open the Play Store in a web-browser and click on any app the URL will show you the App id. For example clicking on the Facebook app takes us to the following URL https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana as you can see the App id for the Facebook app is com.facebook.katana.


I hope I was able to clear up some of the doubts that you might have. I know I had many when I was getting started. The bottom line is that the only thing that matters is uniqueness that’s all.

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